Sunday, 13 December 2009

Paint the cross on my door...

So I started my blog, then came down with the most awful cold bug thing. I've been wiped out since Thursday night. No eating (quite possibly my favourite thing!) no bothering with hair/make up and living in a duvet world.

I was supposed to be going to my works Christmas do on Saturday, but thought the boss wouldn't appreciate my take on "Christmas Party chic" (pair of pj bottoms, hoodie and Edward Tissuehands - and I had the hair to match J.Depp)

If I had gone I was planning a funky up do with my new hair toy the waver, to go with a LBD, maybe accesorised with a jewelled hair clip.

My hair yay's and neigh's for a happy hair work do;

* Don't try something new on the night - It'll only stress you out and not turn out right. Stick to something simple and well practicised, for example a simple ponytail, with some volume at the crown (use clear bands for a sleek look) with a headband to finish will look fantastic with dark smokey eyes and a knockout outfit.

* Go curly - If you have time, put some heated rollers in, leave to cool then ruffle out with your fingertips. I always use Wella Curl Artist spraying the hair before putting the rollers in. Try and do this on day old hair, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to get freshly washed hair onto a heated roller. If you are worried about your hair looking greasy, spray with dry shampoo (Batiste is amazing stuff and at a great price)it'll help any fly away hair grip to the roller. If you haven't got time to do the whole head, concentrate on the crown, creating volume and body.

* Try something different - Ok I know this slightly contradicts my first point, but plan to do something different, if you are known at work for always wearing your hair down, wear it up. Always straighten your hair for work? Showcase a natural bouncy curled looked. It will turn heads and is a simple yet great way to divide the work & play you.

* Dress your hair - This could be anything from a row of hairgrips, or a bewjelled top hot (how cute are they!) Accessories can make the simple bun or ponytail transform into a fab Christmas do. It doesn't have to be pricey, for those on a budget - use things around your house, sure we've all got lots of odd earrings, glue or stitch onto a pin/grip and you have a something different and cheap!

Most of all make sure you are comfortable, I've seen many a coiffered look at a Christmas do, only to be let down by the person constantly touching it, running to the toilet to make sure it's still perfect or screaming when someone puts a novelty cracker crown on their's a Christmas do! Eat, drink and most of all be hair merry!


  1. Great tips, I'll have to try that Wella Curl Artist. I'm always dumbfounded by the array in the shops and come away with nothing.
    Get well soon!
    PS Love the picture!

  2. Kel, poor you! I thought you've must've gone home poorly when we didn't hear from you again after Thurs morning. Shame you missed the party, but at least you didn't have to suffer a 'what cutlery to use for the starter' speech from your boss!


  3. Haha i like that last pictuer:) nice blog hon

    Kim xx

  4. I like the hair tips :) I followed yor blog :D xxxx

  5. Thanks Kim and Fern, nice to see two new fellow bloggers checking out Silver Peacock! :)
    Vix the wella range is great, and smells fantastic, ok it's not the cheapest on the market but the bottle of curl artist has lasted me ages and same with the flubber hair product I got.
    X x


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