Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hair Envy...

I am incredibly bored with my hair at the moment, I am trying desperately to grow it and have had such an urge to get it cut short (which wouldn't suit me at all - trust me the school pictures from mums "bowl cut" vision say it all) The colour is fine, I love being a redhead, just the cut is rather blah. Perils of growing your hair I suppose, I've hit the "hair wall"

Just thought I'd share a few pictures...which will send me further into the spiral of hair doom! :)

Paloma Faith - not only a beautiful voice but amazing hair, big big fan of "era" hair and she has some of the best.

Audrey Hepburn - Stunning actress, beautiful hair. One of, if not the first to showcase the "elfin"/"pixie" crop Always perfectly groomed, full of shine and an up do wasn't just an up do with Hepburn it was a showstopper.

Gwen Stefani - I am not only jealous of her hair but also the fact she is married to Gavin Rossdale. Yum. She has worn her hair over the years in a number of styles, wavy, curly, dreads, short, quiffed, the victory rolls, she can do wrong.

And like most girls Jennifer Aniston - She has amazing hair (well she should she spends a rumoured $40,000 pw on it!) As a hairdresser I'd love to get my hands on it, not to chop it all off and run away manically laughing but to try different things. She shakes it up every now and again but I'd love to see more up do's and a bit of variety. But I suppose when you seemingly win every hair award going "if it ain't broke don't fix it!"

Others in my "hair envy" zone at the moment are Ashley Olsen, Lauren Conrad, and surprise entry Victoria Beckham. The new ruffled bob she is working at the moment looks amazing.

Where do you draw your hair-spirations from?


  1. Love this post. You're so knowledgeable, you little geek!

    I adore those 40s rolls Gwen was all over a few years ago. And I had 'The Jennifer' when I was 15 - didn't everyone?


  2. Great post!
    My hair heroines are Amy Winehouse and Skin (Skunk Anansie) from the sublime to the ridicious! I've always had long hair but am so envious of girls brave enough to shave their heads - such a cool look.

  3. Haha! Cheers Jen! that's only slightly geeky - mark my words.

    Skin is so beautiful!! I love people who are willing to push hair boundaries and stray away from the "norm"
    Vix I'd love to have long hair like yours, I just don't think it'll ever grow that long...

    X x

  4. Me, I don't know. Anything easy and that suits my face. I would say Zoe Kravitz; effortless homeless girl chic.

  5. Its fantastic that youre a hairdresser, lots of great advice to come i hope!
    I adore audrey hepburn, and jennifer aniston always looks so put together, even in jeans and a tee, i spose great hair has that effect! xx


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