Monday, 21 December 2009

"Going anywhere nice on your holidays?"...

I'd guess we've all been there at some point. Sat in a hair salon just wanting the experience to be over.

Whilst some salons can be great I think most of us have had a nightmare experience at one time or another.

My own, going into a salon with shoulder length hair, taking a picture of a jaw lengthed choppy bob, coming out with what can only be described as pageboy bowl...and starting 6th form college that day. Bad times indeed.

It's only now that working as a hairdresser you understand just how important it is to have a good relationship with your hairdresser (I'm not talking going round each others for tea and naming your firstborn after them just trust and good communication)


* Explain in great detail what you want, can't explain in words take pictures of what you want. I love it when I get shown a picture of what the client wants, makes my job A LOT easier.

* Make sure you get a consultation before any cutting/colouring takes place. Any salon worth it's weight in shampoo will offer a consultation. Make sure you and the stylist are both of the same wavelength regarding what you want. What they think is really blonde may not be your idea of it.

* Get a skin test! I cannot stress how important this is. We recently had a lady in the salon who promised she'd had colour done before and had no reaction. She was tested at our insistence and had a massive reaction. All colours used in salons may contain different ingredients and you can become sensitive to these at anytime. I was shocked to hear recently that one of the major salon chains in the UK often carry out colour treatments without testing beforehand. So dangerous and really not worth the risk.


* Get embarassed about what you want and trying to explain this. It's your hair! The stylist should want to make you feel amazing when you walk out the door with your new do. Some people clam up and think because they aren't using the "technical" terms the stylist will think they are stupid or don't know what they want.

* Worry about talking to the stylist - just mention it rather than ignoring them. Some people see coming to the salon as a relaxing time free from work and family stress. It's "me time". Just politely say to your stylist that you'd rather just read a magazine or book, most won't mind as it gives them a break to!

* Panic if the end result isn't what you wanted. Most of the time when styled your hair will look too "poofy" (I've been told this by a client!!) or you won't like how they've dried your fringe. Once you get home and play around with it you begin to realise that just because the stylist thinks it looks good the way it was waxed into some sort of Ace Ventura quiff doesn't mean you have to wear it like that.

Do you like going to the hairdressers? Ever had a nightmare hair do? Do share!!



  1. I LOATHE going to the hairdressers. I suck at small talk and have always had problems with getting what I want. It's like the hairdresser has decided as soon as I walk through the door what they're going to do, regardless of however specific I am, or what photos I show. They always want to give me a fashion mullet! Unsurprisingly, I don't want to look like Bon Jovi.

    Luckily, after many years of post-haircut tears, I've finally found someone fabulous who understands exactly what I want. It's really nice to see that you care so much about getting it right for your client. You must be wonderful at your job. x

  2. Great tips, you sound like a dream of a hairdresser.
    I hate going to the hairdressers. Like Niki I'm useless at the small talk and all I want is a trim - no blunt cuts, fringes, short layers or anything resembling Jennifer Bloody Anniston and after being stung for 40 quid I don't want to pay £15 for a "miracle" product.
    One of the girls I go out with is a hairdresser and after years of not liking to trouble her I plucked up the courage to ask for a long needed trim. As she's a mate she knows how I dress and my lifestyle and needless to say the result was perfect!

  3. Oh Kel, why can't you move to Yorkshire?! I need your skills on my head!

    I hate small talk but my hairdresser is pretty quiet herself so we get along just fine! I love taking a picture in and saying 'do that!'. It makes me feel much more secure about what the hairdresser is doing!

  4. I can just sympathise after many a disaster. (I'm still plucking up the courage to do a hair history post!)

    We've all mentioned small talk which I think is such a problem! Sometimes you really cannot be bothered to talk to someone, it's nice being quiet isn't it!?

    I am doing mobile hairdressing but Yorkshire is a touch too far!! hehe :)

    @ Niki - I think we've all had that "fashion mullet" mine had a spike in the middle. Yikes.

  5. Great Post! I recently had to change hairdressers as my previous one didn't cut my hair at all straight! It was on a diagonal at the back!!!!!
    Claire xx


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