Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas is just around the corner!

Well hasn't that come around quickly, to be honest the whole year has zoomed by!

Thought I'd do my first non hair related post, I'll throw a few of these in from time to time, read if you want, scroll over if you like...

The decorations are up, presents are wrapped, Christmas day menu is planned (my boyfriend Andy is an amazing cook, I just turn up and stuff my face!) and dog treat stockings have been bought. Here are my two in the Christmas spirit...



I've made myself laugh looking at these photos, Holly looks bemused and Doz looks so proud.

I'm heading back to the West Country tomorrow evening (wish me luck, still suffering from a STINKING cold and it's supposed to snow!) for family time and present giving and receiving...oh and I have to fit in some hair styling for my sister! Think she loves having a hairdresser in the family.

I cannot wait for the Xmas break, don't know about you lot but I'm planning on eating and relaxing. What are you guys looking forward to?


  1. I'm looking forward to eating chocolate for breakfast! I love the tinsel collars - too cute! xxx

  2. Your dogs are adorable! I wish my pet rats would stay still long enough to let me put tinsel on them.

    I'm looking forward to sleeping. I can barely remember the luxury of a lie-in... x

  3. awwwww how frigging cute!!! I´m gonna dress up my dogs too i think and have a little photoshoot with them :Dx

  4. Those mutts are just gorgeous! Have a safe trip and stay warm.


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