Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Kelly's Heroes #3 March Favourites

Since cutting and colouring my hair, I've changed up products and the routine to look after my new style. So I thought I'd share a few hair care and styling products I've been loving this month, along with some great value hair accessories have really made my March full of hair happiness.
I've been really impressed with the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo (£3.99) Part of the new range containing three clays which individually help hair. White clay purifies the roots, blue clay hydrates the ends and green clay revitalises the entire fibre. Impressive stuff! What I really love about this dry shampoo is that it's light, doesn't leave a chalky residue and smells fantastic. I've recently picked up the shampoo and conditioner in the range to try out so will report back on that next month. I can just about still pop my hair up, and have been using these Primark circle and diamond shaped clips. A bargain at £1 for two, they add a little interest to my half up twists and the circle shape is a pretty good dupe of the Celine hair clip.
 photo march klghair_zpsjjrvza1g.jpg
After washing I have been using the TIGI Catwalk Bodifying Spray* (approx £8-£12 depending on stockists) It's a spray that helps boost volume, and I've noticed a big difference - even with rough drying my hair. Smells great, and doesn't feel sticky or weigh my hair down. If I want to boost my volume, I've been blowdrying using my Arconic brush* This specially designed curved brush (from stylist and salon owner John Gillespie) allows you to lift your hair and have greater control when blow drying. I've tried this out on my hair, and have used on clients, and although it's designed with medium to long lengths in mind, I've found it great for shorter styles (particularly mine!) If you have a Capital Hair & Beauty nearby, it's definitely worth picking one up. I have been raving about the Redken Wax Blast spray since I tried it out - and you know what, it's still hands down one of my favourite products. Quick blast of this will give texture to waves, or added grit to freshly washed hair. Read the full view by clicking the link on the product title.
The KhairPep products have helped keep my hair looking shiny and feeling in good condition. The Khairpep Transforme serum* is light and works really well on finer hair, and the masque I would definitely recommend for ladies with unruly thicker hair. I've used the serum once a week (usually on a Sunday pamper) You just add a couple of drops to hair, working through from root to tip. I'm planning on taking these sample sizes away with me on our trip to Italy, as they are the perfect amount needed and fit nicely into luggage allowances.
 photo klghair_zpsxuirtx9x.jpg

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Review: Redken Wax Blast

When I chopped my hair shorter, I had an idea in my head of how I'd style it. Shaggy waves with volume and a casual I haven't bothered (but really I so have and need them to last all day please) When this little Redken Wax Blast spray was recommended to me at the House of RUSH event and I got to try it, I was instantly sold, and went straight onto the feelunique site (£12.60 for 150ml) to pick one up.
 photo IMG_5901_zpsyesc3htr.jpg photo IMG_5903_zpsc6s6j5nq.jpg
The spray is misted onto hair for undone texture. It's so easy to use and really does give hair added oomph without feeling heavy or like there is too much product in your hair. Lookout on the Redken products for the number, the higher this is, the more hold/control it'll have on your hair. Handy eh?
I've been using it to rough up straight styles and to add a bit of grit to freshly washed hair when I've tonged it. Really impressed and definitely one of my favourite products!
 photo IMG_5910_zpskd1lrj6w.jpg
Silly posing optional of course!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

BRIT's 2016: The Hair

Adele thought we'd 'f**king forgot her', Lorde performed a beautiful tribute to David Bowie and Jess Glynne arrived with some amazingly huge hair. The BRIT's gave us some great hair from the ladies walking the red carpet and celebrating UK and International musical success.
First up, let's talk about Jess. Much mocking over social media, but I think her (and stylist Lyndell Mansfield - one of my faves) red disco frizz style looked fantastic against the emerald suit and her pale skintone. It's a dramatic look, but totally follows the Studio 54 style, hugely popular in the 70's. Using the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and brushing hair out to create the frizz and volume will help you achieve the look. Finish with a little serum or shine spray to avoid hair looking dry.
 photo brits jess 2016 klghair_zpskscnptwb.jpg
The Little Mix ladies all looked fantastic, their styling is always great for events. I love the hair accessories, Perrie's headband and textured waves, and Leigh-Anne's gold ring jewels through her plaited hair are just perfect. Definitely a trend that will be seen through till festival season this year, and so easy to use.
 photo littlemix brits klghair_zpsppfo4jnz.jpg
Noticeably, textured waves were the main styling choice for most celebs attending. Caroline Flack, Alexa Chung and Laura Whitmore all wore their hair, from bob to long in loose waves. Look out for my review of a favourite hair product I've been using to get some shaggy waves.
 photo brits 2016 hair_zpsfkoi7tci.jpg
Last but by no means least, Fleur East showed off her new colour. I love her vibrant red curls, they looked so full of shine and healthy. Alesha Dixon showed off a sharper and fiercer look with her blonde quiff. I'm pretty sure the longer sides of her shorter style had been slicked back to give the illusion of a cropped side and long top. Showed off her features perfectly!
 photo brits 2016 hair klghair_zpsr7j2fkee.jpg
And I'm sorry, but I still don't get the whole Bieber thing...

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Wedding Hair Wishlist

Have I mentioned I love wedding hair? 
For me helping style the wedding party and being part of the special day is so lovely. I've been lucky enough to be in charge of hair for close friends when they've got married and have always enjoyed being part of the day behind the scenes. Nerves and emotions are often high on the big day, so I always do my best to make brides laugh and feel a bit more relaxed. The last thing you want to worry about is the hair, so it's my job to make the wedding party feel completely at ease.
 photo klghairadvice_zpsjcg6rr1x.jpg
I like my brides to feel they can be 100% honest with me, if they want something different I'd hope they tell me. I try my very best to make brides feel comfortable during the trial and on the big day. I thought I'd put together a little advice for brides to be to help them get the style they want when walking down the aisle.
 photo IMG_6048_zps2lvbumqs.jpg
Have as many trails as you feel are needed. It's important you are happy with the style. Don't forget to mention if you are wearing a veil and how long you plan to have this in the style - some brides prefer to remove after the ceremony. There are no set rules when it comes to your wedding hair, if you usually wear your hair down, don't feel you need to go for a dramatic up do. Feeling comfortable is key, and it's your style, your way. If you have detail on the shoulder or neckline of a dress think about showing it off when you choose your style, work with the stylist to think about photos, angles and ideas you have.
My best piece of advice for brides to be is to communicate. It's so important to not only talk, but use visual aides to help both you and the stylist get to the same end result. Pinterest is fantastic for this, putting together a board will help show your stylist exactly what you are wanting. 
 photo pinterest klghair_zps39nnzlza.jpg

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How To: Pancaking Plaits

Happy Pancake Day! Doesn't seem like the strange terms for hair styling will be stopping anytime soon. We've had plopping, the 'mun' and now pancaking. Not adding some lemon and sugar to the top of your bonce (although get this on your pancakes you are flipping tonight!) this is all about flattening and giving the illusion of more hair.
 photo pancake plaits_zpsrbkjkjlp.jpg
Stylists have been using this technique for ages, Jenny (Confessions of a Hairstylist) being one who automatically springs to my mind. So, how do you 'pancake' hair? It's all about tugging and pulling either side of a neat and tidy plait to flatten it and make it larger. This works really well on Dutch plaits rather than French plaits and those with long hair will get a much more dramatic effect. However, it's a great way of helping shorter, thinner hair seem fuller. Try doing a few dutch braids and then pancake them on shorter hair to cheat an up do. Prepping hair with a texturising spray,a little Percy & Reed Wonder Balm, or even a good blast of dry shampoo will help add grip and once you've pancaked your plaits, probably time to go treat yourself with some real pancakes!
 photo pancake plait klghair_zps4nbr8qyk.jpg

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Textured Hair & How with RUSH and Redken

After cutting my hair shorter, I visited the new Hair Gallery at the House of Rush in Piccadilly for a fantastic styling masterclass. I like wearing my new bob style in a shaggy, rough style letting my natural wave show (with a little help from my faithful H2D tong) so the done undone masterclass was perfect to give me some tips on how to get the textured look I was after.
 photo textured hair_zpsn7s6h6ka.jpg
Whilst I was with one of the RUSH experts, they recommended giving my randomly tonged pieces (they used the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand - which I really need to get my hands on now) of hair, a blast with Redken Wax Blast 10, a great way to add some grit without making hair heavy -full review coming later this week. Using a spray means you can lightly go over areas of hair and using your hands move hair, and twist pieces between your fingers for added definition. I was sold! It's been ages since I've been so impressed with a hair product. My RUSH hair expert told me it's best to hold the tong so the tip is directly pointing towards to the floor, and when wrapping your hair around, leave the ends out to give a more undone look. A quick blast of hairspray will help to hold. It's all about using products to help the undone style, but avoid an over styled look. 
You can have your own 45 minute masterclass and get some great expert advice at the Piccadilly salon, give them a call to book in. It's a great way to learn a new style and ask as many hair questions as you want. I'd love to go back and have one every week, it's still great picking up new tips even if you are a stylist yourself. I love the little styling stations with lights around the mirror, and the handy tablets showing videos of different looks you can achieve. 
 photo Hair-Masterclass-The-House-of-Rush_zpsb38z6tld.jpg  photo The-House-Of-Rush-Hair-Gallery_zpsoyggd3ma.jpg