Monday, 9 January 2017

Golden Globes 2017: The Hair

Happy New Year, happy new Golden Globes red carpet hair to swoon over! This year the Golden Globes had all the usual glamour and gowns, combined with some great GIF-worthy moments. Hello Ryan Reynolds grabbing Andrew for a consolation smooch.
 photo Sarah Jessica Parker golden globes KLGHAIR_zpsulnuiwhc.jpg
This year I really fell for the up do’s and shorter styles worn by celebs. From the perfectly polished Hollywood glamour of Blake Lively’s chignon to the ice cool blonde crop Michelle Williams that has me reaching for the scissors. Oh, and of course the lady of the evening Emma Stone. Just perfect.
 photo Blake Lively golden globes KLGHAIR_zpsba6pe9na.jpg  photo sarah michelle golden globes KLGHAIR_zpspuqvghkl.jpg
Maisie Williams and Goldie Hawn both went for textured top knots. This is a great hair style to elongate the neck and show of d├ęcolletage or a pretty neckline. Love how Maisie has accessorised with a metallic barrette clip. Goldie as always has the perfect Cali beach babe hair – always looks so undone in a sexy Bardot way. My absolute favourite style of the evening was Lily Collins’ beautiful fishtail bun which showcased her features and was a really lovely balance against her red carpet gown.
 photo lily maisie golden globes KLGHAIR_zpsav8dhnl6.jpg
Janelle Monae and Issa Rae both wore their hair in incredibly up do’s. I love the natural texture of Janelle’s with the small pearls dotted through, and Issa’s twisted almost rope lengths worn in a faux Mohawk style just looked so striking. Special mention also to Sarah Jessica Parker who’s up do, apparently inspired by the late Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia, showed off her caramel colouring and was an unusual red carpet style which worked so well with her white Vera Wang gown (which has seen her on the worst dressed lists, I personally liked the dramatic shape and style)
 photo Issa Janelle golden globes 2017 KLGHAIR_zpsrfpdufkx.jpg
Let’s talk about Emma. Winner of Best Actress award and all round stone-cold babe (see what I did there) Her outfit – as described by the lady herself, was pink and had stars on it, was perfect and her hair looked so effortless chic. Full of shine and softly pinned into a low twisted chignon, Emma’s auburn hair was softly parted to leave a sweeping fringe and few pieces to frame to the face. A mix of a faux bob with an up do it worked so well.
 photo Emma Stone Golden Globes KLGHAIR_zpshj19cnu7.jpg
Also, cannot wait to see La-La-Land – a combination of Stone and Gosling, plus music. Yes please!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Studying & Style...

If you are at university, studying, working full time to get those extra Christmas pennies or taking care of little ones, your haircare routine may not be a priority. With Christmas coming, and lots of parties and nights out, you may start to struggle keeping hair looking healthy after heat styling, and general day-to-day neglect (we've all chucked our hair up with an elastic band at some point in a hectic day or dodged a brush when busy)These tips are quick and easy, but will keep your hair healthy and looking great all year round, and won't break the bank! More money left for mince pies...(or anything else in case, like me, you aren't a fan of mince pies)
 photo IMG_0992_zpsqdroe5of.jpg
You should get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Trimming off split ends leaves your hair looking great, but also reduces the risk of further breakage. If you want to save money, consider getting these trims done at a college/training salon. Save the more expensive salons for a complete restyle.
Shorter hair styles are fantastic if you just don't have time to devote to hair care. Pixie styles are very on trend, and there's a surprising amount of variation in how you can style shorter hair. Just make sure your hair type will suit for low maintenance easy styling!
If you can avoid washing hair every day do it! Washing your hair every day can do more harm in some cases. You're wasting your time, as well as wasting money on shampoo, when all it's doing is stripping hair of it's natural oils. Washing it two or three times a week should be fine, but it does depend on your hair type, so find a routine that works for you. Heat can be one of the most damaging things to hair. Especially at close range. Try to wash it in warm, not hot, water, and it you can bare it, a quick rinse with cold water is a great way to boost shine. When drying, use a cooler setting, hold the hairdryer at least 30cm from your hair, and be sure to keep moving your hair around so the heat isn't concentrated on the same section for too long. If you style with straightners or tongs, use a heat protectant spray and pamper your hair with regular treatments.
We all wash our make-up brushes, to keep them bacteria free, but when was the last time you washed your hair brush? Don't just remove old hair. Soak your brush in some warm water, with a little anitbacterial hand soap. Do this about once a month to keep your brush, and so hair, free from bacteria.
Pamper hair fortnightly with hair masks. Just like you would a face mask to give your skin a refresh. They restore moisture and can be really relaxing. You can even make your own! Raid the cupboards for ingredients that are great for using, such as avocado and egg.
Try to create an easy haircare routine, and follow it. This will easily save you time as well as money. Always remember to use products suited to your hair type. If you're not sure what that is, speak to your hairdresser, and look out for products that suit. Even better if you can find them on a 3 for 2 deal.
 photo IMG_0995_zpsqgtdkfeh.jpg
*this post contains sponsored content, but the advice is free!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Introducing: Puppy Pablo, French Bulldog

So things have changed a little round here. Nope, I'm not one of the many bloggers who are busy having babies. Unless by babies you mean little furry puppies with giant ears and a penchant for nibbling ankles. Tom and I have got a dog. A little French Bulldog puppy we've called Pablo.
First things first, puppies are HARD. I've had dogs before, but after a six year break, I'd forgotten just how much hard work they are. We spent the first three weeks taking it in turns to sleep with him downstairs as he cried and cried when left. French Bulldogs have the strangest cry I've ever heard. It's like a cross between a newborn, and strangled parrot. I didn't want to scare him or make him feel unsettled so it took some time but now we simply flip the light off and go to bed. Thankfully! Neither Tom or I are any good if we are sleep deprived so I'm glad he's got the idea of bedtime. Tom found it hard to adjust and we had a very stressful few weeks before he bonded and decided he was 'alright'
TOP TIP: Get a babygate if you have any areas you want to block off or restrict access. Life saver.
 photo 14910370_10154700168986942_8461454289647256696_n_zpsysocj2b7.jpg
He is a brindle male, and we've made sure he's chipped (a legal requirement these days) and has had all his jabs. Puppy classes have been passed (he's got a certificate and rosette - so proud) They were however absolute chaos! But it was great to do some socialising and get some advice. Pablo is doing well with the toilet training and general commands but has hit the 'brat stage' so is being quite stubborn, along with chewy as he's teething.
 photo 14502791_10154629123461942_1435773350940993921_n_zpshqg9jspv.jpg
We researched French Bulldogs before we decided on the breed and they were one of the best to fit in with our lifestyle. Basically a lazy little piglet. They love human contact and being part of the family. He's our little shadow and loves any fuss shown. And he's spoilt rotten!
Pablo really has settled into the family and I couldn't imagine him not being here now. He's got a lovely little character and makes me laugh daily. Tom has become quite fond of him and I think forgiven him for being an absolute little git for the first three weeks.
If you'd like to keep up to date with Pablo and his giant ears, I've set up an Instagram account PABLOTHEFRENCHY - was wary of the fact my KLGHAIR account is more about hair and the blog and thought my puppy spam would be better in one place. Plus it's a lovely way for me to see progress of how he grows and changes.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Jewellery & Me...

I’m a huge jewellery fan, and my fingers are often filled with rings and my ears adorned with jeweled studs. I love looking at others jewellery and often comment on the rings they wear or necklaces layered with an outfit. Whether it’s a simple chain with a small tag or sparkling diamond or more bohemian looking pieces the jewellery you wear gives away a lot about your personality and style.
 photo IMG_0752_zpsbnwbmduz.jpg  photo IMG_0762_zpsewaz4yiy.jpg
I don’t tend to change my jewellery to match an outfit when it comes to my watch and rings, but I will mix up the style of necklace based on what I’m wearing. I sometimes wear glasses rather than my contacts and find big statement necklaces can make me feel a bit too bulky. This is when I’d go for a thin chain or delicate long pendant. Over the years I’ve invested in some more expensive jewellery and have been given some beautiful rings for special birthdays and passed some family pieces that I will cherish.
If I ever get married, I like to think my fiance will pick out something suited to my style and personality. I want something a little different from the standard square cut, on a white gold band. I always thought I’d wear something that was antique and perhaps held my birthstone Topaz or another precious gem. Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE looking at beautiful sparkling diamonds and have spent ages perusing the websites of jewelers like Ascot Diamonds. The classic cuts, and simple designs are beautiful and I suppose a purchase in the shop would mean a trip to New York so that’s fine by me! It’s nice to par things down and wear some delicate items that are simple and classy. For a very special occasion I would love to wear some very fine diamond rings and necklaces where it’s almost like the gems are floating and the overall look is beautifully classic.
 photo IMG_0759_zps52i1zqvw.jpg
I do own a lot of costume jewellery and wear on certain occasions where I want to add a little drama to an all black outfit. They always grab attention and I was picking up a coffee the other morning and the guy serving me commented on my jewellery.
I have a lot of piercings, with five in one ear, three in the other and my nose pierced. Keeping things simple I tend to wear small studs in my ears and a stud, or sometimes small loop in my nose. I think a lot has changed with how people are perceived with piercings with even Liberty having a Maria Tash studio in store. It seems to be more noticeable if someone only has one hole in their ears these days!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Travel: Adventures in Italy

Deciding to take total advantage of Tom's friend Tor living out in Italy, we packed a suitcase and headed to Pistoia, in Tuscany. Flying into Pisa we picked up our hire car (very easily organised and good value from Auto Europe) and our adventure began.
 photo IMG_0430_zpsavvlu7as.jpg  photo IMG_0409_zpshb8vcowd.jpg
We managed to cover a lot in the eight days we were there, and whilst the weather wasn't great, there is SO much to see and do. Using the fantastic transport services over in Italy, we visited Rome, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Lucca, Vatican City and Montecantini Alto - Phew! No wonder we both came home tired. Our favourite places were San Gimignano and Siena. Tuscany for me is beautiful, and I much prefer it to the hustle and bustle of the busier towns and cities. The food was fantastic, and we had some gorgeous meals. The Boar Ragu and Truffle Pasta at Peruca (in San Gimignano) was AMAZING. A pizza, some antipasti and lots of red wine (always just get the house - it's great quality and good value) in Piazza del Campo (Siena) in the evening was perfect, a really lovely atmosphere. Rome, whilst breathtakingly beautiful with historic monuments and buildings at every corner, was a bit of a disappoint for me. It was amazing to see the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon, but the crowds distracted from the beauty. Same goes for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, such a great landmark to see, but the 'leaners' ruined it for me a bit. Also, people really need to follow rules, it's says keep off the grass, however SO many were on it. Totally understand that this is because they are hugely popular tourist attractions. However, there are some fantastic things to see that are a little calmer. The Ponte Sospeso is a walkway across the River Lima, 227 metres long, and 36 metres high. Crossing this, Tom decided the best time to tell me he suffers vertigo! Really worth seeing and free. We were lucky to have local guides in Tor and Adriano, as we got to see a very Tuscan way of life which was lovely - and tasty.
 photo IMG_0342_zpsihiqzkzz.jpg  photo IMG_0203_zpshsiaql0t.jpg  photo IMG_0461_zpslbppojjc.jpg  photo IMG_0341_zpszo1ustan.jpg  photo IMG_0228_zpsngdhib7u.jpg  photo IMG_0304_zpsfn38yynp.jpg
Going to Italy? Definitely make use of the trains and metro where possible. The rumours are true, in cities they drive like loons. The bigger motorways are easy to use, make sure you have some sort of data pass on your phone to use it's map function - saves a lot of hassle. Try and pick up a few phrases and words to help get you by. Most of the time English will be spoken, but it's lovely to be able to immerse yourself into Italian life, and most of the time they really appreciate the effort. Oh and my biggest tip for visiting Italy - eat as much gelato as you can manage. Yum.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Review: envy professional style hero

You know when you get a blow dry in a salon, and leave with your hair bouncing and feeling amazing? I want that all the time! Granted most times I'm much too lazy to bother with giving myself a blow dry and generally just roughly blow dry, then style further if I want to. The Envy Professional Style Hero (£14.95 for 150ml) is a super lightweight serum type product that you use on damp hair before blow drying, or leaving to dry naturally that promises to give you the salon 'wow' factor.
 photo IMG_7813_zps1o5yafea.jpg
It helps calm flyaways, and leave hair with shine and much more manageability. I found using this alongside texturising products helped to avoid a dried out, frizzy finish. It also helped enhance my colour thanks to the Keratin,Silk and Wheat protein infused formula conditioning my hair. I chose to ignore the directions on the back of the bottle, as thought 5-10 pumps was far too much product for my mid length hair. I went with three which was plenty and used a comb to make sure the Style Hero was evenly applied to my hair. I think you could even add this to your volumising mousse to give some super styling to your hair.
 photo IMG_7814_zpseamegf41.jpg
The Style Hero has got a great fruity scent to it, and this stays with the hair throughout the day. Because of the lightweight formula I found with a little blast of dry shampoo, I could go three days without washing and the casual beachy style waves I tend to wear still looked great, and the ends looked conditioned - something I always struggle with. I'd definitely recommend to those who want a professional result, without the effort. Just make sure you tailor to your own hair needs, a little trial and error may be required, but once you've got it the Envy Professional Style Hero* will certainly become a staple in your styling routine.