Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hair Hankerings

Something strange came over me this weekend. 
'I want to cut my hair'
Those long term readers of the blog will know I've been growing my hair FOREVER! And it's below my shoulders now. So of course I see Caroline Flack and her amazing bob, and Lauren Conrad chopping off her hair and now I want in.
I'm fed up with my hair. Whilst I can curl it and style it differently, I just find it a blah (that's a technical term right?) It's easy to style and put volume into, which makes me lucky, I just think it's time for a change. And seeing these pictures of Emma Stone made me want to reach for my own scissors and start snipping.
I have a hair appointment booked and think it might be time for a restyle, after all hair grows....

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Life: Afternoon Tea at Flitwick Manor

My younger sister, Crystal and Mum visited last weekend, and as a special treat for my mum we decided to book Afternoon Tea at Flitwick Manor, not far from where I live. I had a birthday surprise from my two lovely friends Annie & Kristie ealier this month, and after telling mum all about I knew she'd love it. Luckily Amazon Local deals popped a 2-for-1 deal in my inbox so I snapped it up.
Flitwick Manor is a Georgian Country House tucked away in beautiful wooded parklands and gardens in Bedfordshire. The long drive lined with trees gives way to the gorgeous house and grounds. I've been to Flitwick Manor a few times before (mainly for work - it's perfect for weddings, so I've styled up a few nervous brides on their big day)
But onto the main event. Cake, and tea, and of course cute sandwiches. First up we were brought a chilled glass of bubbly, and a case containing lots of different varieties of Twinings tea to choose from, I went for Jasmine Pearl - check out the gorgeous teapot! And we certainly weren't disappointed with the variety of delights brought to us on stands. From sugary warm doughnuts to salmon sandwiches - crusts off of course, we left feeling very posh and very full. 
You can choose from a menu of different kinds of Afternoon Tea, at varying prices. 
A lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I felt like Lady Mary in Downton...
until I opened my gob. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Can I smell burning?!

Not something you ever want to hear in a salon. And takes me back to early college days...
However, Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa in Sloane Square, London have just launched a new service and it's certainly a different approach to get rid of those split ends. 
The service, an ancient Brazilian technique called Velaterapia, or candle cutting involves using a candle flame (yes, that's right, a flame, near your hair) to cauterize aged, split ends and leave hair looking as good as a supermodels (of course this isn't guaranteed but Isabeli Fontana and Alessandra Ambrosio champion the technique so it can't be bad!)

Now there are SO many products and promises from the hair industry to cure split ends from sealing them, to eliminating them completely. Split ends are the result of damage to the hair's cuticle and cortex (hair shaft is made up of the cuticle, cortex and medulla) and whilst you can mask split ends you won't mend them. Unlike most recommendations to get rid of damaged ends - which is to cut hair shorter, you can to keep the length and lose the split ends with candle cutting. Something that will no doubt appeal to those who may not have treated their long locks too kindly over the summer months. 
If candle cutting sounds like your kind of treatment, you can book in with Nando Lopez, who has undergone specialist training, by calling the salon on 0207 7301222. Candle cutting costs £195, and includes a cleanse, condition, trim and blow dry. I'm intrigued with this service and think a lot can be learnt from ancient techniques and ingredients. 
What do you think about taking a flame to your hair?


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