Thursday, 23 October 2014

Weatherproof Your Hair

Peeking out of a my bedroom window this morning, I knew it wasn't a day for poker straight smooth hair. This weather you need something that still looks good, even after battling the elements. Thought I'd share some easy-peasy weather proof styling - because drowned rat might be chic on the catwalk but looks pretty shite in real life.
Product Overload - go easy on the products. Sure, some can help hold style in a storm, but some will leave hair looking greasy. Personally, I hate the feel of hairspray when it gets rained on, some can go so slimy! I tend to use mousses and pre-styling creams, and texturising sprays a lot more in Winter, along with shine sprays. And of course dry shampoo, my favourite at the moment is the COLAB London.
Grab a Hat - Ooh I do love a cover up, when you've been rained on and windswept sometimes there is no recovering your do. I've got a few hats, bowlers to floppy, beanies to berets and they can really add something to an outfit, and cover up any hair emergencies.
Go with Nature - If you have naturally wavy hair, wear your hair wavy. It'll mean that even if the weather gets you, your style won't change too much. And always carry some hairgrips for a quick messy up do if things get a bit too wet and wild.

And don't forget your umbrella! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Event: Tribute Show, London 2014

Nicky Pope took to the stage at the Novello Theatre to introduce five super-stylists ready to showcase a mesmerising hair show, combining educational and inspirational presentations for the 800 strong crowd of British and International hairstylists on a wet and windy Sunday 12th October.
First up, Brooks and Brooks, basing their show of the popularity of hair tutorials on social media. Creating a four-hand, five-strand braid with some texturising combined with gorgeous gowns giving added detail. Their take on the braid had a real catwalk feel to it, and I could see this on an editorial shoot. Love the slightly deconstructed finish.
Adam Reed, one of my favourite stylists, gave the audience 'Icon Evolution' for his first show in eight years. Giving a nod to iconic women who have influenced him throughout his career, Adam created textured looks full of volume finished with a giant bow. Having seen Adam before, I love how he uses accessories to finish a look. Citing it as the 'proudest moment' of his life, he took full advantage of the gimmick-free stage to give show-stopping styles. 
Then Jean-Luc Minetti took to the stage to bring the glamour of Paris to London. Very chic, very elegant and very French was the description, with modern chignons created using classic techniques with Jean-Luc taking the styling to the next level. Beautiful hair!
The very funny Tim Hartley was next, as with previous shows he gave us a masterclass in precision cutting detailing his work as 'chic, with a dash of vulgarity' His short sharp cutting techniques and fabulous stage presence always wow the crowds and I love his mantra of 'work with love, grace and passion' - no onstage plaster emergency this year thankfully!
And last, but by no means least, the very cool Robert Lobetta. A creative visionary of hair, and incredibly talented man. His 'deconstruction and reconstruction' show was dramatic and a great way to end the event. Taking one Avant Garde style, breaking down to reveal intricate braids which was then reconstructed to give an entirely different style using hair pieces and body paint. Watching Robert Lobetta always leaves me feeling so inspired and ready to challenge myself creating different styles. He's a genius!
Photographer: David Hindley
There was a special celebration for the hair supreme that is Trevor Sorbie. Having given 50 years in the industry and not only styling hair but mentoring stylists who have become successes in their own right, Trevor was given his award by Mike Vincent, Tribu-te's founder. 
A night of celebration, education and some amazing styling. A superb success, and I can't wait for next year!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Life: The Somerset Cider Brandy Company

Tom and I packed up our bags and jumped in Keith, and drove for four hours in the driving wind and rain to get to Devon. We stayed at my Dad and Stepmum Sue's house for a few days to have a bit of a relax. Things have been a little stressful lately so the break was much needed.
On the Friday we decided to visit The Somerset Cider Brandy Company Mill & Distillery, in South Devon. They've been pressing cider for 150 years, and making Cider Brandy since 1989, we'd tasted the cider brandy at Glastonbury earlier this year (and been asleep in our tent at 3pm!) and wanted to see how it was made.
The farm sits within 160 acres of orchard, with Alpacas Louie and Rupert wandering around, and an orchard pig munching on over 40 varieties of apple. It's all really relaxed, and you can walk around the farm, distillery and grounds looking at machinery and even sampling some of the cider and brandies on offer in the shop.
I love proper cider, and Tom enjoys a good brandy so picked himself up a bottle of the Shipwreck cider brandy. We also got a good couple of pints of medium cider pressed on the farm which was delicious. 'Proper' cider, usually known as Scrumpy is flat with no fizz, and you can't beat making a mulled cider with it for Christmas - I don't like mulled wine so it's the perfect alternative. The Somerset Cider Brandy Company do a sparkling version of the cider which is a more mainstream version of the apples. Definitely recommend a visit if you are nearby, drink up thy cider!


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