Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Pearly Queen

Seeing Rita Ora and her amazing hair styling - courtesy of the talented Chris Appleton, got me thinking about accessories and how they can be used to create a simple look with a twist, or something more dramatic. Rita had a hairdo that even the most flamboyant of Pearly Queens would have thought 'maybe I should tone it down a touch' But it worked, and Chris created another great style for Rita to show off on the V Festival stage.
Pearls can really make a hairdo, and it isn't all lady of the manor, used in rows pearls can give a 'cornrow' effect and I think the style looked a little alien.Using different sizes of pearl and denim strips on the ponytail add dimension and even though pearls are seen as quite ladylike, added with denim it toughened the overall look up.
And also, how good are Ora's abs?? Jeeeez. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Golden Touch: Intimate Waxing

Last week I had my regular wax, I've been waxing for a while now and find, for me it's the best way for hair removal for my 'intimate area' I still shave my armpits and legs, as I find my hair growth isn't that bad to keep on top of. But for my 'intimate area' (Gah! Anyone got a better word or phrase? Fanny is just a bit coarse!) I much prefer the all off approach. For me it's cleaner and much easier when it comes to underwear and swimwear choices.
The Golden Touch, is the lovely Hannah's creation, offering intimate waxing services to those in London, and also trains beauticians in intimate waxing, something that isn't practiced thoroughly when studying. During my wax I felt completely at ease and although it's not pain-free, the level of pain wasn't above a 3 at any time (with 1 being floating on a cloud, and 10 being child birth/standing on a plug*) Hannah doesn't use tweezers to get any strays, but leaves you with a mirror once finished to let you check yourself, and if anything has been missed you just let her know. I was given some great aftercare advice, and I've had no irritation or nastiness and the redness went by the end of the day I was waxed.
Now, I'm not really that bothered when it comes to waxing, smear tests and all that stuff 'down under' but I know some get a little nervous, so I asked Hannah for some advice and information on intimate waxing to help you lot make a decision about whether to whip it all off or not.
What's the best way to prepare for an intimate wax?
To prepare for your first intimate wax the only thing I would suggest is trimming the hair to approx 1 cm if it is longer than this length (don't worry most is!) this will make sure the treatment is as comfortable as possible as the hairs will not tug when wax is applied. Other than that everything else is supplied for you upon your arrival for your treatment. 

What wax do you use? 
The Golden Touch uses a Hot Wax - this is high in resin and beeswax which ensures the wax is both strong enough to remove the tough  hairs yet gentle on the delicate skin in the area. Using this style of waxing method also means our treatment is 100% hygienic as we do not double dip our spatulas. 

Why wax? Benefits and positives?
Waxing is becoming more and more popular - especially for getting to those hard to reach places. (unless your a yoga master we don't suggest attempting to give yourself an intimate wax - and don't even get me started on taking a razor to your most delicate nether regions!) Not only is it affordable (£35 approx every 4 weeks) but the results are instant and the treatment quick. You can be in and out on your lunch break still in time to pop to Pret. Another benefit of regular waxing is that the more you have the treatment done the slower the hair returns and in some cases it ceases to return at all.

What is an 'intimate wax'?
Definition of in intimate wax is all hair is removed from the public area and round to the coccyx/tail bone.  
Two styles offered are only to define whether you leave a small about of hair above the pubic bone - Brazilian, or all off so your in your birthday suit - Hollywood. 

What type of wax will I want? Difference between them?
The Golden Touch only uses hot wax as the wax is stronger and only adheres to the hair NOT the skin. Thus offering the most comfortable experience. Hot wax means you can also offer a 100% hygienic treatment by simply not double dipping your spatula. You will find many salons offering strip or warm wax for the same treatment however due to the application method and ingredients of this style of wax is simply not as strong (can lead to snapping of hairs) and is much more traumatic to the skin (wax sticks to both skin and hair) 

Any aftercare hints and advice?
Absolutely! First no HOT showers, baths or heat treatments (spa/sauna) for 24-48hrs. Warm is ok - the area will be heat sensitive due to its lack of 'protection'. Second rather than applying any sort of body oil or lotion use a mild antiseptic cream on the area for about 3 days after your treatment. this will ensure you don't get any spots and that the empty hair follicles remain bacteria free. This will also help bring down any redness in the area. If you find you have quit sensitive skin you may develop histamine bumps - (small raised, sometimes red lumps) fear not this is completely normal. Simply pop an antihistamine (hayfever) tablet and they will disappear. Of course any question or queries get in touch or my door is always open - no question is a silly one when your dealing with your jewels! 

*Apologies to any mums who want to punch me for comparing child birth to plug standing. ;)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Burger Blind Date at TGI Fridays

Thursday night I arrived for my blind date at TGI Fridays in Covent Garden looking like, well a drowned rat. The 'British Summer' had officially got me! I wasn't going to impress burger blind date looking like that, luckily for me I devoured my date so quickly the poor thing didn't stand a chance.
TGI Fridays came over all Cilla Black and gave me the choice of eight contestants, each with a tantalising pitch, there was no 'our Graham' to help me make my choice, but I was decided. Contestant number 1, I choose you. Offering me a spicy, ass-kicking hit of an Asian legend I was promised to be left sweating, panting and wanting more. Perfect blind date I'd say - if a little filthy!
Whilst waiting for my date to arrive, I dried off and enjoyed a Passionate Sunrise, a delicious mocktail offering. TGI Fridays do some very lovely cocktails but the smoothies, milkshakes and mocktails give us drivers and non-drinkers something a bit different from your typical 'soft' offerings.
 And then I saw him...
My heart pounded, I grabbed him and pulled him close. Luckily there was a TGI Fridays photographer ready to capture my #burgerface (check this hashtag on Twitter, great moments of lust at first sight!) It was the best blind date I'd ever had, and I left promising to see him again - different time, definitely same place!


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