Friday, 29 May 2015

SHOW Beauty, Selfridges: Styling Station

What better way to celebrate the (almost) end of the week, than with a glamorous blow dry at the very swish SHOW Beauty dry styling station in Selfridges. I jumped on a train straight from work to get glam, I'm currently waiting for a little summer colour so this helped make my hair a bit more bearable until then.
 photo show beauty selfridges_zps1xpsmifq.jpg  photo SHOW beauty klghair_zpsa3gzvifh.jpg  photo show beauty klghairadvice_zpscyssq3vf.jpg
Based in the Beauty Workshop section of Selfridges, you can find your way by the scent of the products. From prep to finish, SHOW Beauty have a product for you - all smell and look so good! My stylist, Janine, gave me the Bouncy Loose Waves look, talking me through the products used. I left with my hair feeling super light, bouncy, and smelling beautiful! Perfect pick up for my hair.
The dry shampoo is a particular favourite with many, thanks to the Tapioca Powder used, which absorbs any excess oils, and gives hair a boost, all without leaving behind the telltale white residue. I've tried out a few of the Show Beauty products before, so definitely knew I'd want some of the Volume Mist used, and I've put the Decadence Hair Fragrance on my wish list.
The SHOW Beauty dry styling station is at Selfridges until the 30th May, so if you are wanting to get glam before a big night out in the capital, pop along and get your blow to go!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Cruella Colour

There's a new trend in town, and I'm calling it Cruella Colour, simply put, it's 50/50 colouring - think of Cruella De Vil's hair and you've got the idea. A vertical line and super straight parting with one colour on one side, and a contrasting shade on the other.
Styling wise, this gives strong impact, and looks great when twisted in a bun on top of the head, or twisted and plaited into a messy up do. It's a brave look that seems to taking over Instagram. My absolute favourite has to be jelkajpg I love the strong black and white contrast. Such a babe!
 photo jelkajpg splitdye_zps6c2mng8e.jpg
I don't know if it'll rid the hair world of ombre just yet, but it's a fresh take on colour and I think it looks great. Just get that parting dead on.
 photo splitdye klghair_zps3b7coysl.jpg
Source: Instagram theloftsalonmd & shannonmarsico 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Hair Envy: Sienna Miller

Can I also add wardrobe envy and face envy? 
Sienna Miller is looking pretty bloody perfect at the moment, and has showcased just how versatile short hair can be. Special mention to stylist Earl Simms who has created some fantastically fresh styles for the Cannes red carpet.
 photo sienna 2_zpssa3ejjgy.jpg
I'm thinking the half up braid/twist look is going to be very popular this Summer, it works on any hair length and is perfect for keeping hair out of your face. Sienna wears her braids high, and it reminds me of the parting plaits Kate Bosworth was sporting earlier this year.
 photo sienna 1_zpsa1fouiek.jpg
If you like to try out the French braid there is a tutorial on my YouTube channel, and look out for more easy peasy summer stylings - let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see.
I'm booking in for a blonding up, might be some length lost too...

Friday, 22 May 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful...

Glastonbury tickets arrived! Tom and I went last year, and I've been a fair few times in the past. It's a amazing place to be, and although I'm not camping this year, I just know it's going to be great. It also means we get to see one of our favourite acts, Ryan Adams. I'm a huge fan now thanks to Tom, and we've seen him once already this year so I'm looking forward to his set at Glasto.
 photo 10457469_10152552762066942_583157771776369634_o_zpswfa5svwh.jpg  photo 10511260_10152552771911942_3665730029053332423_n_zpsuf999m4y.jpg
I've really been trying to improve my skills in the kitchen. I love cooking, but for many years was told I was 'useless' at it. It turns out, I'm not that bad! Cooking from scratch has become a kitchen staple and the results have been pretty damn tasty. From Panko Chicken, to a Quesadilla with a twist I've been cooking up a storm! I usually post the results on Instagram, if you'd like I could do a couple of recipes a month of favourites?
 photo photo 1_zpsh4vcvhqh.jpg  photo photo 3_zpss2zn7z2g.jpg
It's Bank Holiday weekend, and we are celebrating a year in our little home. It's changed quite a bit with the loft being changed into an office/studio for Tom and I, and the fireplace and shelves being custom built in the lounge. I've never felt happier living somewhere, and I love how we've made our mark with the interior and the fact we live in such an old house. Friends are coming over for beers and cheers on Sunday, and Tom and I are popping into London on Monday to see my little sister and her fella.  photo photo_zpsrqlemqli.jpg  photo DSC01668_zps6vt04e2g.jpg  photo DSC00877_zpst3wrixkf.jpg

Monday, 18 May 2015

Just a Trim...

I remember vividly going into a local salon just before I started sixth form college clutching a picture of a jaw length bob that was shaggy, textured hair perfection.
New year at school, new style and all that.
I left the salon with a bob that was blunt and sat just under my ear. And cried.
 photo haircut klghair_zpskkppbytl.jpg
(above picture is amazingly my boyfriends hair
- I cut off this much and it was still below his shoulders - hair envy my friends!)
I hear stories of styling woe from lots of different people, and at first I thought it was perhaps a communication issue, maybe sitting in the chair and muttering 'just a trim' just doesn't cut it - excuse the pun. I even did an article for OVL with some handy hints on getting salon success. As time has gone by, even I have had similar issues with scissor happy stylists I'm starting to think there may be a problem. With salons and stylists expected to work quicker, and offer clients more are they missing the most important part of the service? Listening, listening to a client about what they want and really taking time to understand the expected outcome can avoid disaster and unhappy parties. People talk, and with social media, word goes further.Unfortunately negative words often travel quicker than positive. I try to make sure if I've had good service I shout about it, and hair treatments are no different. I never tell the salon I'm a qualified stylist, I do however go into great detail about what I want, showing them pictures and using my fingers to measure the amount against my hair being chopped.
 photo lmlth_zpsybom4yqb.jpg
I've always been a cautious cutter when it comes to doing anyones hair, I tend to err on the side of caution as I can easily cut more if the client isn't happy - bit harder to stick it back on as it sits on the floor around them. Along with their hearts as they look in the mirror and see something they didn't want. Hair is important, and it's needs respect. Maybe I'm just too worried about someone saying something bad about my hair styling skills, or maybe it's because I know EXACTLY how they'll feel. I really dislike hearing how many say they have a 'fear' of going to the hairdressers as it never goes right. Just makes me feel sad about the industry as there are so many talented stylists making hair happy.
Either way, I listen.
I want to hear what you think about why salons get it wrong, and why they get it right?
If you are a stylist, what do you think the problem is?

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Review: Lee Stafford Wonderball Waver

The Lee Stafford Wonderball Waver (with Arganoil from Morocco) is a ceramic coated wand with a bobbled design to create beautiful waves easily. These style wands have become increasingly popular over the last year and I think that's because of the ease of using them, your hair just falls into the grooves helping achieve a looser, casual wave rather than a tight curl - common of the conical wand.
 photo wonderball waver klghair._zpsdkcxd5mh.jpg
The great thing about the Wonderball Waver, is how easy it is to use. You just hold the wand with the cool tip pointing towards the ground and wrap sections of hair around. I usually take quite large sections and alternate to create a more casual finish. I do always start with twisting away from my face though. Using the Wonderball Waver, I must admit I do notice a nice shine to my hair, and I'd imagine that is to do with the Arganoil infused ceramic barrel. I usually finish any waves or curls I wear in my hair with a little oil run through the mid lengths and ends to add shine. The Wonderball Waver doesn't snag or catch your hair, and the swivel cord really helps when moving the wand around your hair. I popped up a picture on my Instagram of the waving results - great for ladies who want casual waves with lots of movement.
 photo waver wonderball klghair_zpscm44bjxz.jpg
 photo lee stafford waver klghair_zpsixd94ddm.jpg
One thing I was disappointed in, was the fact the wand doesn't have an adjustable temperature. These days it's a pretty common feature for any heat styling tool, and enables the user to adapt the heat being used to their hair. The Lee Stafford wand heat temperature is set at a standard of 200 degrees, which is towards the top end of temperature for most stylers.
It's good value for money at around £30 from most high street retailers, and the instructions that come with the booklet, along with the heat protection glove and heat protective mat (which doubles up as a great 'wrap' for storing the wand when not in use) are very handy. Ooh, worth mentioning, you also get a two year guarantee, which to me says confidence is pretty high nothing is going to go wrong.
So if you are looking for an easy to use styling tool that creates more of a beach wave than a curl, and have medium to thick hair, then I'd recommend the Lee Stafford Wonderball Waver.
(suitably surprised I managed to get through this review without calling it the Wonderwall Waver!)