Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Help with Hair Growth

As a long time reader of Hair Advice, you'll probably be aware I've been trying to grow my hair to Rapunzel length for a LONG time now. It's gets to just below shoulders and stops. Always has.
So, I've been using a plethora of products and potions to get my strands growing and generally in tip top condition. From supplements to serums, I've left no hair growth aid unused in the bid for longer locks, and I think I might have cracked it!
 photo hair growth klghair_zps2q9v7t2y.jpg
I've been taking the Viviscal Hair Growth supplement* as part of a three month trial, and whilst it can take a couple of months to show results, my hair feels stronger and I have been noticing less shedding - something that I've been concerned about in the past. I've a full review coming up as I know a few of you are interested in hearing how I've got on.
So, some of the hair products I've been loving to use the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, along with the shampoo and conditioner in the same range. I've used the treatment in the past, but I thought it was time to bump up the hair help. This along with the Redken Extreme Lengths Sealer are all in my routine, and so far so good!
I've also been avoiding styling my hair with heat at least three days a week. I'll either wear my hair natural (quite big, and with a natural wave after air drying - thanks humid evenings!) or it'll go up into my favourite 'bun in two minutes' or milkmaid braids.
Oh, and a piece of advice. If you sling your bag strap on your shoulder and regularly catch your hair (I do it ALL the time) make a conscious effort to move hair before you pop your bag strap on, or carry your bag on your arm. It'll avoid breaking and snapping hair at the ends and tugging painfully at the scalp and follicle. Taking care of your hair doesn't stop when you sleep, I popped up a little hair advice for when you snooze a while back and have been following it, wearing my hair loosely tied up has definitely made a difference.
Fingers crossed I get those extra couple of inches I've been after for years! (Phnar!)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Review: Batiste Stylist XXL Volume Spray

One word. Oomph. I wanted it, and I got it, thanks to the new Batiste Stylist range. The new range, made up of six individual styling products opens up Batiste to a whole new heap of ladies and gents who need some styling staples, along with the dry shampoo, which is definitely in my top three favourites, and continual 'go-to' when it comes to a good value, oily hair blasting.
I picked up the XXL Volume Spray along with my favourite cherry scent on a late night trip to Boots (always a bad idea for my bank balance) to try it out. I'm not really a big fan of the XXL Plumping Powder having tried it previously and found it far too heavy and matte for my hair, so I wondered if the XXL Volume Spray would have the same ethos on the plumping front but with more control of how you apply. The spray is infused with Keratin and Inca Inchi oil (said to benefit dry, damaged hair) which is great news for those who find using sprays and dry shampoos can be drying on their hair.
 photo batiste stylist klghair_zpssgz6bkd4.jpg
It really does. If you want volume and texure in your hair, pick up a can of this now. It's brilliant. They advise you to build up gradually for volume that lasts, I found a couple of quick blasts through my hair (more towards the back and crown where I want a boost) made such a difference to my hair, particularly when worn straight. It's not as 'powdery' as the dry shampoo, which I have used in the past to boost volume and add some texture, so it's perfect to blast through waves, and your hair before pinning up into a messy up do, or for a much needed hit of volume when it's needed at the end of a day.
 photo batiste xxl volume klghair_zpsxdpstszc.jpg
For £4.29 (200ml) it's pretty good value, compared to some of it's competition. Currently on offer at Boots, I'm planning on picking up a couple more tins as it's a great product to have handy when I need a bit of oomph. Highly recommend this one ladies and gents, thanks for the boost Batiste!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Reasons To Be Cheerful #2

I have a new job! I start on the 6th August and cannot wait. It's not to do with the hairdressing or beauty industry at all, and is in a sector I have a lot of experience in, based on previous jobs I've had. My official title is Account Manager and I'll be commuting to London daily. It'll be full of new challenges, and a big change but I'm feeling excited about the role and times ahead.
I'll still be blogging and loving all things hair, but I have to consider my future and the fact I'd like to be able to afford a few finer things in life and feel a little less pressure come payday. Still a total hair geek, so Hair Advice will still be running!
 photo photo_zpstkq6yszx.jpg
I've just booked a Revive & Refresh Spa Day at the new Woburn Forest Center Parcs for myself and bestie Kristie. The Woburn Forest Center Parcs isn't too far from where I live so I'm planning a day of relaxation before the new job starts.
Part of the deal is an Elemis facial. I've had Elemis facials in the past and LOVED them so I'm really looking forward to that, and spending the day in a bathrobe.
 photo Waterbeds_SF_02_875x875_zpsawah5n5s.jpg
Shoes. Yes it's that shallow. I picked up these absolute beauts from Topshop. They are perfect, as I don't really do heels (baby rhino comes to mind when I'm walking about) so flatforms are still in my wardrobe.
 photo photo 1_zpspo2cdasj.jpg

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lee Stafford Blow Dry Buddies

Most of the time, it's too much effort to give my hair a proper blowdry and I usually cheat, but on the occasion I feel like going all out, the Lee Stafford ARGANOIL from Morocco Glossing Blow Dry Gel and Deep Nourishing Treatment are two products that leave my hair smelling great, with volume, and most of all moisturised.
 photo klghair lee stafford_zps8wk0o5av.jpg  photo lee stafford klghair_zpsov4qyfdl.jpg
First up, it's about treating your hair. Blow drying is a lot of heat styling and hair can be left dry and damaged so I give my hair a pamper with the Deep Nourishing Treatment (£14.99) This stuff smells gorgeous, it's a mix of the usual Lee Stafford product scent, but slightly softer. I concentrate on mid lengths and ends and usually apply when I'm having a full on pamper - the works, exfoliating, shaving, painting nails. Then it's onto the Glossing Blow Dry Gel (£10.99) I work a good blob of this through the whole of my hair whilst damp. The Glossing Blow Dry Gel formula means it protects hair whilst heat styling (up to 250 °C) I find it helps smooth any frizz, and give my hair a great boost of volume leaving my hair feeling light and bouncy.
My hair smells so lovely after using, and I find I can go that extra day not washing my hair as it doesn't weigh it down. I've a lot of love for Lee Stafford and his products, some are firm favourites in my styling routine and I think the Glossing Blow Dry Gel paired with the Ddouble Blow Mousse is the key to volume for any ladies out there wanting a boost.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Redken Extreme Length Range - RUSH Shop

When someone tells me I could increase my hair length by up to six inches, it doesn't take much to get my attention. No extensions, no supplements, just some amazing products by Redken, and what's even better is you can pick them up online from RUSH with free delivery. Love it when haircare is delivered to your door, so simple!
RUSH Shop, is part of the RUSH Hair & Beauty salons, and is a great site to pick up salon exclusive products and the latest products from a whole host of well known brands including Aveda, Kerastase and ghd. Anyway, back to Redken, the Extreme Length range is formulated with Biotin enzyme that helps repair and restore the protein chain. My hair tends to break at the ends so it never gets past a certain length, whilst I know my hair is growing, it's in vain as the ends continue to snap. Using the Extreme Length Primer* whilst showering is simple, you just work through your hair and leave for 2-5 minutes, then rinse. After combing through, I brush the Extreme Length Sealer* onto the ends of my hair (it's got a paintbrush applicator which makes it super easy to use) and then dry.
 photo rush redken klghair_zpssyxbzfzi.jpg
I'll report back on how I'm getting on with the Sealer and Primer, but so far so good. I'm so impressed with how they've left my hair feeling, even after a few uses. They smell so good! There's that 'salon feel' to the products which makes you feel that little bit more pampered. Fingers crossed for that long hair I've been after for years.
Luckily, RUSH Shop has offered an exclusive discount to my readers! If you spend £30, and enter KELLYSMUSTHAVES at the checkout you'll save 20%. Pick up the entire range and use KELLYMUSTHAVES25 and you'll get 25% off! And free delivery.

T&Cs apply: offer ends midnight 31st August and is only valid when fans spend £30 on Redken at Your voucher code is valid for 3 uses per person and must add code:KELLYSMUSTHAVES at basket before checkout. Promotional prices are based on original RRPs. To save 25% on the Redken, fans must add all six items from the Redken Extreme range at basket and add code: KELLYSMUSTHAVES25 instead. Free next day delivery orders must be placed before 3pm and will be delivered the next working day, this offer applies to orders of £60 or more. Read our Delivery Policy and Terms & Conditions before completing checkout.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Tutorial & Review: Scunci InstaTwist

I do love a hair gadget! And this new offering from Scunci is definitely one of the best I've tried in a long while. Taking me right back to the 90's (remember the Magic Tool anyone?) The Scunci InstaTwist is simple to use, and you can create a variety of styles.
 photo InstaTwist thumbnail_zpsvap0vznt.jpg
Take a look at the video below for all the info (not sure why it's so squished! I've tried sorting, but might be better to take a look at my YouTube channel and see the video nice and big!) and me trying it out to create some fun twists. I packed the InstaTwist in my Glastonbury bag and added a few twists through my hair during the weekends - it's so easy to use! Think I might try out some thread through the twists next to add a bit of interest.
 photo klghairadvice instatwist_zpsvj6lkcuf.jpg  photo DSC02264 copy_zpstazi62lv.jpg
You can pick up the InstaTwist from Superdrug, for £29.99. If you do try out the InstaTwist, make sure you use #DoTheTwist and tag @scunciUK on the pics you upload to Instagram. Lou Teasdale has done some fab videos showing you just how versatile the InstaTwist is - go see!