Friday, 12 September 2014

Instagrammers to Follow: Fashion Week Hair

From backstage exclusives to the stylists sharing their creations, Instagram is great for all fashion week gossip, from New York, to London. Thought I'd share some of my favourite accounts so you can tap away at the pics you love.
First up HJi (Instagram name HairdressersJournal) the best magazine out there for professional stylists (and still a super good read if you just love hair) and their roving reporter Rachael on Twitter (@HJi_Rachael) They always have the exclusive BHS snaps, and I've been keeping up with New York fashion week looks through their account. London Fashion Week they cover all the top shows, and I find myself checking their instagram for the latest braids, knots and twists created and sent down the catwalks.

Bumble and bumble, the styling staple of many a catwalk show. Often listing products used to get the catwalk finish, it's definitely worth keeping these guys on your Instagram roll ready to see how you'll be wearing your hair. My favourite look created by the Bumble and bumble team at New York Fashion Week, check this out...

Catwalk by TIGI have been showing off International Global Director Nick Irwin's creations, one in particular that caught my eye was the 'genie magic' chunky braid and blonds script. Seriously amazing! I love really going for it with styles on the catwalk, whilst it's good to see simple looks, you can't beat hair pieces, bright colours and incoporating different textures into hairstyles.
I love finding new Instagram accounts to follow, so link below if you want to share your favourites!
(Mine is KLGHAIR if you'd like to have a look)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Midweek Manicure

I cut my nails short the other day after a few snapped thanks to lugging around my kit case, and got told by Tom it looked like I had 'boy hands' - Charmed I'm sure! So it was time for a midweek manicure when they started growing out a bit.
Now, this polish Nails Inc St James's (£9.57) is a bright red shade, and has a great shine to it. I decided to go matte though, using Barry M Matte Topcoat (£2.99) to take away the shine leaving leaving a finish that I think I'll be using more this Autumn. Next up I think I'll try black with matte nail and shiny tips. I know matte topcoats aren't new to the nail market, but to me it's something I haven't tried before. And I like it!
I use my trusty Nails Inc Vitamin E cuticle oil pen regularly to help keep my nails looking good (it also avoids me biting the skin around the nail, disgusting I know, I know!)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Snippets #18

After my weekend of Cruise Ship styling, and more than enough to keep us both, Tom and I marked this weekend 'relax' and planned, well, not a lot! As always though it didn't quite work out like that and there was some upcycling, jam making and guitar shopping to make the weekend fly-by.
We are lucky enough to have a plum, and apple tree in our garden (along with a couple of blackberry bushes) and I thought I'd make good use of the very local produce. Never attempted jam before but it's pretty easy! Managed to get two jars of plum jam all sealed and ready for eating.
Probably my favourite place in the house, our larder. I gave it a bit of a tidy and sorted what we had there and keep looking at it. Love it. We haven't spent all our time cooking up a storm in the kitchen though, popping out for a lovely curry at the Jalori in Woburn Sands.
Hair wise, I've been keeping it simple with some five minute styling. With the weather being so odd it's much better to chuck it up and just style my fringe - which needs a little trim already! I managed to squeeze in a little shopping at the weekend, picking up this gorgeous New Look Crepe Duster Jacket in plum (obsessed with plum! Oo-er!) and I've been wearing my nan's six pence bracelet she kindly gave me. It's jingles slightly and I love layering it up with other bangles. 
 Tom got his upcycle on, and changed a chest of drawers we'd been given into something that just looks beautiful sat in our living room. He sanded down, then waxed the drawers to give it really lovely matte finish and I can't stop myself from staring at it.
So looking back, a pretty busy weekend! But lots of exciting stuff going on. Oh, and that shiny guitar? Isn't it a beaut! More on that soon.


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