Thursday, 26 February 2015

BRIT's 2015: The Hair

Last nights BRIT awards brought us the best of British, along with Kayne seemingly getting audio from the Big Brother house, and of course Madonna having a serious wardrobe malfunction. My round up of the hair happenings, where the soggy British climes may have had a helping hand in the hairstyle choices of some celebs.
First up, whether it was worn down or up, texture was key. Jess Glynne's natural curls looked stunning, especially against her hair colouring and simple black outfit. Can't beat a corkscrew curl - I desperately wanted my hair permed like this when I was about 15, mum said no. I loved Kim Kardashian West's whole look, I know some have slated the outfit, but holy hell! I think she looked incredibly sexy. And the shorter, more textured hair is really working for her - makes her overall styling less obvious. Laura Whitmore and Cara Delevingne's tousled, casual locks made for a young take on red carpet style. Definitely some texturising spray being used last night!
Holly Willoughby, Charli XCX and Fearne Cotton kept their up do's simple and full of body. Centre part, and 'gringe' pieces to frame the face all present, with volume at the crown and the finished look was loose, casual perfection.
Paloma Faith and Taylor Swift changed from up do's to down, using their styles to swap for red carpet and performance. I loved the bouncy blow dry on Taylor Swift's mid length hair, but wasn't keen on the up do to walk the red carpet, feel it was an 'old' style for her. But incredible shine! And special mention for her dress, amazing detailing on the back. Paloma Faith. I love her. She just seems such a LOVELY person and I always keep an eye out on her hair (styled by Lyndell Mansfield - awesome lady!) I thought the slick, simple hairstyle was a pared-down look for Paloma, until I saw the long lengths. Simple but stunning. Also, I thought the loosely pinned up do with carnation flowers looked beautiful - like a modern Flamenco dancer.
Who was your favourite style of the night?

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wedding Hair: The Trial

Choosing your hair and make up artist for your big day can be a very stressful experience for many brides-to-be. Maybe you find it hard to translate exactly what you'd like, or you feel pressured to ensure on the day all runs smoothly with you, bridesmaid and mother of the brides. I work a lot with engaged ladies planning their wedding hair, and the wedding party styles and thought I'd share some advice to help anyone out there wanting to snap some tiaras and stuff a veil in the mouth of the next person that tells them 'it'll all be fine on the day' (it will though, promise)
Pinterest. I love Pinterest, even more so as a hairstylist. It's a fantastic way to help you show your prospective hair tamer how you'd like your hair. Without the ums, ahs and descriptive hand gestures. It's also great for all wedding aspects - just don't get too caught up in the 'dream wedding' as some of this pins are something to aspire to.
Be honest. Please, please, please (can you tell I'm a big fan of honesty) let your stylist know if you aren't happy with any aspect of the trial. Luckily I've never been in the situation, but I have seen other stylists be criticised on Facebook, Twitter or even good, old, word-of-mouth when there's been a slight difference of opinion on a style. If you smile and nod, the stylist will think it's what you want. If it's not - speak up! I know it might seem hard, but believe me when you are looking back on photos and still cursing that hair you'll feel even worse than you might. Us stylists have thick skins, most won't to turn on their heel (and in ninja style snip off your ponytail at the same time) and storm out declaring you 'a fool'
'Imagine the Bride' - Now this might sound a little silly, and pretentious, but imagine the finished look. Dress, make up, the full sch-bang! 'It looks a little fancy!' is a comment I've had once or twice. Which whilst you are stood looking in a mirror wearing leggings and a five year old hoody, it will.
And most of all, remember, it's still you. I love doing trials where the bride declares she'd like a dramatic up do and tells the MUA to 'go dark and smoky' but in all honesty, if that's not you, you will probably look in the mirror and panic. Whilst it's great to try out different looks, it's maybe not a great idea on your wedding day. You'll be feeling nervous and it may make you feel more uncomfortable if you don't recognise your own reflection. Also, don't want to have the groom questioning who is walking down that aisle. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Giveaway: Viviscal Hair Growth Programme Gift Set

If you suffer from hair loss or thinning it can be very distressing and you aren't alone. There are lots who suffer due to stress, illness or just over styling and using hair extensions. Luckily there are brands like Viviscal that are ready to help by what you put on your hair, and the supplements you put in. Viviscal offers a complete system that are designed to help hair, and hair growth. The range of supplements, serums and shampoos are all built with ingredients to give your hair and scalp that push in the right direction using ingredients such as Biotin and Zinc. I've spoken about the hair growth stages before and having combined over 20 years of research and expertise Viviscal certainly know about anagen, catagen and telogon.
I think sometimes, you can have a really healthy diet and look after your hair but due to a whole heap of factors, you still need some help. Hair is considered 'non-essential' by the body, so it's the first thing that will show if you are lacking in particular nutrients or even if you've gone a bit 'tong crazy'
I'm giving one lovely reader the chance to win a Hair Growth Programme Gift Set*, containing Shampoo and Conditioner, along with a two month supply of tablets. All you have to do is let me know why you or someone you know would benefit from using Viviscal products.
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Monday, 23 February 2015

Oscars 2015: The Hair

One of the biggest award ceremonies, the Oscars (or 87th Annual Academy Awards, dependent on how you want to roll) was held in Los Angeles last night. Guess what I was looking at on the red carpet...apart from Eddie Redmayne *swoon*. You guessed it, the hair.
First up, my favourite, both outfit and hair. Another red carpet success for Emma Stone. Seriously, everything about this hairstyle is perfect. The colour, style and finish - current inspiration for the next salon visit. DOES SHE EVER GET IT WRONG??
Scarlett Johansson, Rita Ora and Kelly Osbourne showed off some fantastic short, and sharp looks. I love the longer length and cropped sides. I loved Rosamund Pike's undercut paired with a soft bun up do. All ladies suit the style so much!
Other celebs that deserve a hair mention are Juliette Lewis, and Chrissy Teigens for their red carpet staple style of glamourous side swept curls. I really liked the textured look Naomi Watts had her mid length hair styled in, going against this was sleek and sophisticated was Gwyneth Paltrow with a beautiful, slick style which cheated the short side look. Stunning accessories also. Marion Cotillard kept it simple and chic with one side twisted in a low pinned up do. Also, Lady Gaga who's low ponytail with red accessory was a pretty style and quite low key for her - loved the centre part.
Sienna Miller showed us all that short hair can go up and look really pretty. The twisted front, pinned into the back looked lovely, and really suited her face shape. Perfect for our current climes in the UK!
Who wins your vote for best hair on the night?

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Red, White and Blue with Fudge Urban Hair Chalks

I'm all for a quick style change with zero commitment. I'm happy with my brown and blonde - but sometimes want to indulge and see what it's like to have a different look. The Fudge Urban Hair Chalks (£3.99) are a great, quick and easy way to add some colour. And you can personalise to suit.
All you do is wrap a towel round your shoulders, and rub the chalk straight onto dry hair. A quick spritz of hairspray will help the colour stay put. It can be bright, or if you fancy trying some pastel shades, rub the Iced White shade on first then the colour. I think the Iced White shade would help those with darker hair achieve a more noticeable result. One wash and the colour will be gone.
You can pick up a whole range of shades from Boots - where they are currently on offer, or online. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Grey Matter

The groundbreaking news that emerged this morning shocked me to the very core. Kate Middleton exposed as having grey hair at 33. Alert the media! If you can call the paper in question that (atrocious dross would be an accurate description) who decided that the fact Kate Middleton has some grey hair, is worthy of front page news.
If Kate has grey roots, what's the big deal. Why does it matter if she has grey at 33 years of age? Is there a set age when it's socially acceptable to go grey? By picking up on something to do with Kate's hair is the media just fueling the pressure on us all to maintain a seemingly 'perfect image'. I've spoken before about the apparent guidelines given on style and what is deemed socially acceptable when it comes to colour and style with age.
The other argument is, perhaps as Kate is pregnant she has chosen not to colour her hair. Many mums-to-be wait it out, your hair can change and react to colour different when pregnant so why risk it? Maybe she just couldn't be bothered and was too busy to find time to carry out upkeep on her hair. Either way, Kate's hair, Kate's choice.
Articles circling grey roots aren't helpful, productive or news. They are spiteful, and unnecessary and taking advantage of the fact they know it will generate traffic to the site, or newspaper sales. Go read this very funny article on Buzzfeed for some more reaction to the 'breaking news' and let me know what you think below.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hair SOS: TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Level 3

If you colour your hair, style with tongs or straighteners and just generally give it a bit of a battering, this helpful shampoo and conditioner combo may work for you. The TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes range has three levels, each tailored to suit the amount of damage your hair is suffering with. Levels one to three promise to cleanse, moisturise and smooth hair helping to promote shine and help keep colour vibrant. 
Fragrance - this had me stood in the shower mid-lather saying aloud 'what does it smell like?!' It took ages for me to pinpoint it, but it's got a very distinctive scent and is fruity (something to do with the Papaya and citronellol I think) The shampoo and conditioner have the same scent and I found it quite pleasant and not too overpowering.
If you suffer from tangles and struggle to comb through your hair once you've washed, then this shampoo and conditioner will help with that, thanks to ingredient coumarin. Once I've blowdried my hair feels soft and I've noticed the ends and coloured lighter panels aren't as dry and it's a lot easier to style. I've also noticed an improvement in the static and frizz. My hair usually plays fair, and isn't too much trouble, but if I neglect it the first things I begin to notice are dry ends and struggling to style.
You can pick up the TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection range look online for the best deals. Sites like Look Fantastic, and Feel Unique often have great offers, as well as salon supply stockists such as Salons Direct. Prices range from around £15-£19.95.

Monday, 16 February 2015

NYFW: The Hair Favourites

New York fashion week has a few days left, then it's over to London. Nothing I enjoy more than catching up on all the hairstyles hitting the catwalks. Best way to do it? With a cuppa and my Instagram feed. I follow a lot of the brands, and stylists who are lucky enough to work with designers for fashion week, and New York certainly has given a lot of hair fodder to swoon over.
First up, Orlando Pita and Tresemme for Herve Leger with a gorgeous French twist pony. The hair was kept smooth to really show off the twist with a strict centre part. Such a classy style!
Next, probably my favourite, Intergalatic Warrior inspired hair at Mara Hoffman from the TIGI session team. Gorgeous thick headband braids into giant chunky plaits down the models back. Instantly transitional from the catwalk and definitely one of the standouts styles of NYFW.
Onto the more individual looks. At Adam Selman, Jimmy Paul with Bumble and bumble created beehives with a bad girl twist. Loved the combination of kiss curls with a towering textured beehive. And finally Toni & Guy, label m with International Artistic Director Richard Mannah for Daniel Silverstain with their super slick top knot. Twisted high on the head with lengths left half up, half down and plenty of product to give a wet look. Sharp parts were key, along with centering the top knot for high impact.
I've got no doubt I'll spot a couple more fabulous styles from the closing days - and I can't wait to see what awaits the LFW. Whilst some of the styles aren't the most wearable in everyday life, it's easy to see where inspiration is taken to adapt to create some of the high street trends that emerge.
(All images used are from Instagram feeds, you can click the links in the piece to go see more and go follow for the best backstage snaps)

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Snippets #19

It's been a week of work, hair and birthdays. February (and the rest of the year) is quickly building up with work and opportunities so I really enjoyed having Wednesday off to celebrate Tom's birthday. We did nothing! And it was wonderful. Lots of yummy food - including homemade peanut butter pancakes (Tom's request) and a birthday gift of 20,000 Days on Earth (Nick Cave film, very good and made me more of a Nick Cave fan) meant we had no need to leave the house.
I've been practicing my plaiting and braiding as it's once again looking like the emerging trend from the catwalks of New York fashion week. I think because they can be personalised and adapted they are the first choice for catwalk hair. And I've got no doubt that it'll be another festival season full of plaits and braids.
Today is sorting my diary to make sure I'm organised for the week, doing some filming, and then tonight I'm cooking up an Indian feast, with my favourite Bhindi Bhaji included. A late Valentines Day meal as Tom was busy with design work last night. I have a busy week coming up with hair trials, nights out, and a trip to Hair Professional in London - which I'm hoping to vlog.
All the photos above are from my Instagram, so if you want to keep up to date with food, follicles and fun then go follow! And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel - tutorials and lots more to come. Oh, and THANKYOU to all that entered my Elchim 3900 Ionic Hairdryer giveaway - I've picked a winner via the Rafflecopter site, and well done Laura - I've sent you an email and tweeted. I've got some HUGE giveaways coming soon so keep reading.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Recreated: Multi Braids by Maria Kovacs

When I saw this multi woven braid look by Maria Kovacs, TIGI European Session Director, on Linda Evans Instagram, I knew right away I needed some long hair to practice on. I love plaiting and braiding hair to create different looks, and catwalk inspiration is never far away.
Thanks to Kristie and her long, thick mane of hair I could recreate this look, and wanted to share how you can do the same - it's a great look that will work now, and all the way through festival season. I decided on plaiting the separate braids together, but you can leave loose for a thicker finish. And it looks great if you have different colours running through your hair, especially blondes. You could cheat some low maintenance colour by using hair chalks or sprays for a personalised take on the trend. What do you think of the multi braid look?