Monday, 21 July 2014

Be Inspired & Win: LIVE Lookbook

The lovely people behind Schwarzkopf LIVE XXL Color are giving you the opportunity to win tons of goodies, including a photo shoot with LOOK Magazine. And all you have to do is get inspired from their online LOOK BOOK.
So, how do you enter? It's pretty easy...



Check out the latest LIVE XXL trends for inspiration


Get colourful with your hair and outfits to interpret a LIVE XXL trend or create your own!


Snap, upload and tag your LIVE Look


The most 'liked' looks will be in with a chance to win, so share with your friends to get noticed!
I used the Raspberry Rebel to colour the ends of my hair a little while back and LOVED the result, so I might change my hair again - Seapunk looks amazing.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Fantastic Holiday Haircare

Going on holiday you have to make a little more of a concious decision to make sure you look after your hair. The sun and swimming can play havoc with colour and the condition of your locks. Fantastic Hairdresser Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner (both £11.99) contain Avocado and Passion Flower Oils meaning it'll keep hair looking healthy and shiny.
I've been using both as part of my haircare and after coming back from Ibiza I was worried the combination of sun and the pool/sea would have left my hair looking a bit dull. But luckily I've got hair that whilst in need of a cut and colour freshen looks pretty good.
Fragrance wise, both the shampoo and conditioner are fresh and clean, you get a good size bottle and as the products don't contain Parabens or Sulphates you aren't using any nasty chemicals to get good looking hair. Other ranges are available to tailor your regime to your hair needs.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Budget Blowdry

The blowdry used to be a service in salons resigned to those who could afford to spend between £30-£100 a time getting perfectly coiffed locks on a regular basis. But thanks to budget offerings from Arch Angelz, and Cowshed the blowdry might become a lot more popular.
The Cheeky Parlour in Soho is the perfect place to pop in for a quick blowdry, and at £15 it costs less than getting your nails done (unless you get them done there too, then it's a double budget bargain) Offering drop-in appointments it's a great idea for those needing a quick freshen up before a night out, or big meeting.
Unbelievably you can get a blowdry for less than a tenner! Arch Angelz, working from the Nottingham New Look store will blowdry hair for just £7. Plans are to roll this out to other stores encouraging us all to have perfect blowouts all year round. Kind of reminds me of the talk surrounding Tesco opening salons in-store.
Being able to offer services at low prices divides my opinion. On the one hand as a consumer it's fantastic news, treating yourself to a blowdry can really brighten your day if you are feeling a little down. And it's a great gift for a friend or loved one needing a pamper. However, as a stylist, I feel cheapening services and treatments will encourage the 'more for less' attitude of some. I get asked on a regular basis to lower prices or even offer services for nothing to help my 'portfolio' (sadly my mortgage company don't accept pictures of hairstyles as payment - who knew!)
What are your thoughts on low price beauty treatments?


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